Urban Walls Brazil is the brainchild of art lover, Roberta Pardo. Born out of a traveling exhibition that made its way to Washington D.C., NYC, Annapolis and Sao Paulo, Urban Walls Brazil has grown into an ongoing Urban Art project that has unlimited potential.​

urban walls education

Purposeful ART + EDUCATION =

Environmental Transformation

Volunteerism is the very foundation of Urban Walls Brazil. We are committed to spreading awareness of the importance of sustainability and aim to better our planet through art and education. Click below to read more about our education program and donate!

This program has been accredited by the United Nations as a partner of the Sustainable Development Goals Platform!

urban walls grants


Urban Walls is happy to announce our grant program! Every year, two grants will be given to two artists who want to travel anywhere in the world and participate in an event, program, or project that is linked to social issues. Interested artists can fill out the form to participate and learn more about the program on our Grants page by clicking below.