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The art program at BWI Marshall Airport provides passengers with an opportunity to experience the beauty, spirit and creativity in our region. The various art exhibits celebrate natural and intellectual resources, our regional flavor, and the wonders of exploration and aviation. The D/E International Art Gallery rotates three times per year and is juried through a collaborative effort between the BWI Marshall Static Arts Committee, chaired by Maryland’s First Lady Yumi Hogan, and partner organizations.

In Partnership with Urban Walls World, BWI Marshall Airport proudly presents the Complex Latino exhibition curated by Roberta Pardo.

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Complex Latino

The Exhibition

The intention of this exhibition is to start a conversation about the complexity of the Latino world often ignored by our society. One defines the word LATINO as a person of Latin American origin or descent, but often the fact that Latin America is composed of 20 countries and 14 dependent territories with a rich and diverse culture is ignored. Latinos are stereotyped and thought as homogeneous.

The artwork found in this exhibition is a small but mighty example of how different but, still, incredibly strong the many Latino points of view can be. This group of Latino artists come from a heterogeneous mix of cultures and express themselves in a way that is true to who they are. That is the beauty of diversity, and the beauty of understanding who you are without the boundaries created by stereotypes.


Contact us to purchase any of the exhibition's artwork.
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