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What to expect from the new year?

2020 was definitely a challenging year. A global pandemic, quarantine, economic uncertainty, a nationwide uprising against systematic racism, and the fight for our democracy, are a few of the things this year will be remembered for.

We took a break and tried to stay sane and healthy. Our support for the arts became more of a behind-the-scene attitude. We worked on supporting local businesses and local social organizations. All of our art projects were canceled for the safety of our community, our artists, and our friends.

Despite the pandemic, artists and art organizations around the world worked really hard to adapt and overcome the challenges. We witnessed the creation of many amazing and powerful projects during these crazy times.

To us, the photo above, in so many ways represents this year and the power of art. This project was created by Future History Now, a local organization that facilitates collaborative mural projects with youth facing adversity in underserved communities, for Banneker-Douglass Museum and Maryland Commission on African American History and Culture. The portrait of Breonna Taylor, a 7,000-square-foot mural at Maryland Park, Annapolis, was the perfect example of art being used as a peaceful but powerful form of protest. This project not only brought our community together but also initiated a conversation about two very important issues: police brutality and systematic racism.

Art is the most powerful tool of communication in existence. A world without art is a dull and boring place. Art is creativity, life, and love, all in one. So, to all our friends, art lovers, artists, creative minds, and art supporters out there... there were many lessons to be learned from 2020 and we hope in 2021 that we work on our differences, enjoy each other's company and share much love and art. After all... isn't that what a community is for?



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