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ART: understanding why and how

There is so much to talk about when the subject is ART.  I could spend hours explaining how art can influence and change a community, how powerful art is when used as a tool of communication or even the healing power of art. But I feel like this has be done so many times already and I prefer to talk about what affects me as an artist, curator and art advocate.

If you would like to read more about the power of art, one of my favorite art blogger is The Artist . His blogs are very interesting and descriptives. You should all read the Definition of Art: 25 Diverse Perspectives to Understand Art Better.

So let's talk about the why and how... why are people so defensive and even close minded when it comes to ART? I think I can say that everyone has experienced that situation when something we find so exciting and innovative brings that "what the F*%&" is this?" expression to someone else's face. Honestly, I love when that happens. Not because I am a rebel (which I really am...) but because I find it fascinating to watch people discover something new and try to understand what they see as incomprehensible.

First Street Art mural painted in Annapolis at the MTPA site.

When I first brought Street Art to Annapolis, to my naive dismay, I got a lot of negative feedback about what I was putting on the walls. I had to learn to not take things personally and listen to the community concerns and demands. I see that as part of my job. As an art advocate and project organizer, I have to balance my opinion with the history of the place where I am working at and the community's opinion.

One of the most important things about what I do is to educate people. They need to understand the Why, How and When of my plans and designs. When there is a lack of knowledge about a new project, as anything else in life, people become judgmental and very critic of what they see as unfamiliar. To no fault of there own... this is just how we, humans, react. And this is the how!

Educate people is not always an easy task. But it is something I try to do with love, respect and a LOT of patience.

The mural at the MTPA site, repainted this year.

So this brings me to my next point... it is very hard or close to impossible to make everybody happy when you are planning a project. Educating people will help get the community to understand what you are trying to do, but for sure, will not convince everyone that you are doing the right thing. The thing is... you have to believe you are doing something that is important to your community. Have passion for your cause and do it with love.

My art of choice is Street Art for what it stands for. Street Art showcases a direct connection between artist and community. I admire how it is used as a powerful tool of communication, giving a voice to so many people that have been muted or never had a voice of their own.

My mission is to create a platform for cultural exchange while bringing the community together through art and educational projects. There is nothing better than witnessing the empowerment people feel when they learn to use art to express their feelings.

My vision is to become a voice for diversity, human rights, equality and education. Things that I truly believe in and find to be the core of a healthy society.

Celebrating the completion of a very powerful mural by Brazilian artist Mag Magrela in Washington DC at The Fridge.

The thing is... art is more than just a creation. Art is a reflection of ones soul. Art is passion in its pure form. It tells a story and represents a moment in time of any community's history.      (Roberta Pardo) 

What's next?

Every one should believe that the sky is the limit. You can dream and should dream. Dream about better days and numerous possibilities. Then, start taking actions to make sure you accomplish your goals and fulfill your dreams. Whatever you decide to do though, make sure it is done with respect and passion. It is not always going to be easy but, for sure, it will make you stronger and a better person. Bringing attention to worthy causes is our duty as a community member. And that is what I will keep doing. One project at the time...

2019 is going to be a very exciting year!!!



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