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Welcome to the New UWB

Updated: Sep 11, 2018

A new site, a new look but the same soul. Urban Walls Brazil is here to represent diversity and bring education to communities everywhere.

Welcome to my blog. I am the owner/creator of Urban Walls Brazil, an organization dedicated to cultural exchange and educational projects.

My first idea, when I created UWB, was to represent Brazilian art in the United States but, with time, I became aware of the impact that sharing my native culture with the community created and realize the need to expose the general public to different ways of thinking and living.

Art, when used to express ideas, opinions and desires can break down barriers, transform spaces, or even educate people in a very effective way. Art is a universal language that can touch masses and cross the barriers of language.

Who we are now

Nowadays, through murals, workshops and a series of Art Talk in public schools, I created a platform for cultural exchange. I house international artists through my art residency program, where they are able to interact with local artists and work on community art projects, sharing their experiences as artists and humans. I work with socially engaged organizations like YWCA, Refugee Youth Project and Jovenes Artistas as an advocate for their cause.

I hope we can bring a different view of how art can be used to bring people together and make communities stronger and diverse.



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