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Our Guest Student

-Harper White-

Last year, I had the chance to work with seven local high schoolers on a mural projection Annapolis, Maryland. The artist was Erica Mizurani from Brazil and the wall was located at the future site of The Maryland Theater for Performance Art. The project allowed the students to learn, first hand, about the process of mural painting. From conception to the last details, they worked together as a team. The project was an enormous success!!

One of the lovely students was Harper White, and this is her story and some of her artwork.

Art has always been apart of my life, over the years I’ve filled every page of countless composition books, sketch books, and journals.

From very early on, even before I started elementary school, I marked up and drew on almost any blank page I could get my hands on and trips to the store for printer paper and markers seemed like a weekly occasion. 

Growing up in a extremely competitive community, my entire life I’ve been constantly compared to my peers. Being “the best” was always so much more than just a suggestion, it is/was a demand.

The pressure for success has always loomed over me, but art is something I’ve found freedom in. Art is amazing and wonderful because there is no measure of greatness, there is no right or wrong or good or bad because art is something so much more than a definition. 

And where critism can be applied to almost anything; art is something that can’t be done wrong, there is no right way to do it and there is no right way to see it and that is what I love most about it. Art has helped me to liberate myself during the times I feel the most confined. 

Art is something that can't be done wrong.

Thank you Harper!

You are a very inspiring and talented young lady!! I hope you keep up with your beautiful art wherever life takes you.



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