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Our Guest Student

-Gabriella Pardo-

Art has always been a part of my life ever since I was a little girl. My mom would paint or buy fascinating art pieces to display in our house. Being surrounded by art my entire life was the main reason why I started drawing. It started as simple sketches of face, but soon turned into a whole portrait.

Going to Indian Creek only fueled my desire to create. It was an art bound school, so I felt as if I had the space to be as creative as I wanted to be. I kept sketching and drawing to my heart’s contempt, but nothing felt right. I wasn’t overly happy with my drawings just moderately pleased.

I soon figured out that writing stories was my true passion. I would still sketch from time to time again, but I felt completely satisfied when I wrote my stories. The first story I wrote was a girl that lived with a madman who liked turning people into the perfect doll.

All my stories can be categorized in the horror section. They would contain dark themes, such as murder or plain out insanity. It was weird for an eleven-year-old girl to enjoy these kinds of things, but there was something about the dark side that I always found fascinating. The latest story I wrote is more of the dystopian style. Like my very first story, it’s about a girl who lives in the perfect world. Everyone is the ideal human being, but they are all test subjects, so the master of them all could rebuild his late wife from other human parts.

While I was writing my stories, I took a break from sketching, but that doesn’t mean I started to dislike it. It was the beginning of my freshman year where I started to really feel proud of my drawings, the first one is an owl surrounded by the night sky, and the best one is a portrait of me surrounded by flowers. That portrait and a piece of poetry I wrote for my English teacher are my proudest creations.

It doesn’t matter if someone paints, writes, or sing, art comes in multiple forms across the world and we need to embrace every inch of it.

The world is defined by its rules.

Be the best, they say.

Make lots of money, they say. 

If you're not smart, if you're not athletic,

you're nothing.

If you don’t want to be the best,

be what you want.

Flaunt your flaws.

Accept your mistakes.

Need little, 

want less.

Don’t be blinded by the concept 

of spectacular.

You don’t need to be the best,

because you are the best of


It doesn’t matter if someone paints, writes, or sing, art comes in multiple forms across the world and we need to embrace every inch of it.

Gabby Pardo is a sophomore at Indian Creek School. She would love to be a doctor, just like her dad. She is a passionate, charismatic, sarcastic and a loving young lady.

I am so proud to be her mom!!!

Thank you Gabby for your insightful view of the art world. Keep up with your writing and go conquer the world!



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